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Rings and Wells

The increasing onus on local authorities to develop and implement integrated vegetation management (environment) plans (IVMPs) has led to a need to manage urban vegetation to minimise loss of green amenity. The pressure is on key agencies to manage the environmental conditions within towns and cities whilst at the same time reducing the use of potentially harmful chemicals in sensitive areas such as around schools, hospitals and residential areas.

The baseguard solution is to remove impacted material and place a protective layer of flexible yet tough polyurethane-bound rubber mulch at the base of the tree, filling the tree well - or ringing it if it is not located in a paved area - and preventing weed growth. Thisbaseguard layer is porous allowing water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots yet is flexible enough to expand allowing the tree to grow. Our approach minimises the need for alternative weed control methods - typically either to spray herbicide at regular intervals, hand weed, or strim around the tree base.

Tree ringing and well guarding can be carried out virtually all year round using baseguard, although wet weather is probably best avoided. Due to its patented technology, the speed of curing is much faster than conventional systems, with the ring or well installed and ready for anything in about 30 minutes (ideal curing conditions are between 10-20°C). This is particularly advantageous when working, as will generally be the case, in high traffic areas as disruption and the need for zoning off is minimised.

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