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Tree Stress

Urban environments are particularly stressful to trees due to problems associated with pollution, vibration, contact damage and vandalism. Tree wells in urban landscapes look terrible since they accumulate debris. In high traffic areas, soil becomes compacted from trampling which leads to root damage and stops water from penetrating the soil surface.

Eventually the tree becomes stressed and if the situation is not remedied the tree is killed. Recent research has identified that the average life expectancy of an urban tree is now only 7-10 years¹. 50% of the trees planted in an urban environment die within the first year².

Stressed dead or dying trees create a run down impression in town and city centres. Potentially this may result in large tree surgery charges or significant replacement expense. Furthermore, millions of pounds are required to be spent each year on strimming parkland trees and on trees and posts on cut grass areas.

1. Appleton 2002 - USDA Forest Service web site
2. Gilbertson, P. and A.D. Bradshaw 1985. Tree Survival in Cities: The Extent and Nature of the Problem.

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